Yenifer L.

Guest Worker

“It’s my goal to build my own home back in Guatemala.”

Yenifer L. has been working as part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program for the last year, and all her time within the program has been spent at Nature Fresh Farms. Originally from Guatemala, Yenifer previously worked growing and harvesting beans and corn in her home country. Now, she is saving as much money as she can here in Canada so she can have a good life in Guatemala.

Working in Canada not only promises a better life for her, but also for Yenifer’s family back home: “I decided to work as part of this program because I wanted to have a better life and also help my family in Guatemala have a better life. I want myself and my family to be more comfortable financially. Right now, I am saving most of my money because my goal is to return to my family and build my own home in Guatemala.”

While she has worked with us for just one year so far, Yenifer has learned a lot and grown as a person: “Nature Fresh Farms has allowed me to become a better version of myself and grow. I’m a fast learner so I’ve been able to learn how to do even more tasks with different types of plants like picking, de-leafing, and suckering.”

While working in the greenhouse takes up a lot of Yenifer’s time, she likes to relax by listening to music. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends whenever she can!

Alongside the other Guest Workers at our farms, Yenifer performs a wide range of crop maintenance tasks to keep our plants healthy and fruitful. However, it is also important to Yenifer that she is always on time, maintains a clean work environment, and respects every member of her team. Yenifer is one of our #GrowToPeople!

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