Zakarie B.


“When I’m passionate about something, I’m all in.”

Zak B. grew up in Leamington, ON and has been working in the greenhouse industry since 2017. Starting as a General Laborer, Zak learned a lot about the growing side of the industry, and in the summer of 2018, he joined our Greenhouse Education Center (GEC) team to share his knowledge of the farm at schools, fairs, and retail locations! Now, Zak works in the Marketing department as our Junior Marketing Assistant.

With a creative eye for design, Zak has always been interested in the field of Marketing: “I love photography and videography, and I think it’s really exciting that social media has become a big part of Marketing strategies for businesses. I thought working in a Marketing environment was a good fit for me because it matched both my personal and professional interests.”

When Zak started in the Marketing department at NatureFresh™, he found new opportunities and mentors: “NatureFresh™ gave me an opportunity to develop my skills and do a job that I really enjoy. This company also gave me great teachers to learn from every day.”

Although Zak enjoys taking on his own photography and videography projects in his spare time, he also enjoys hanging out with his friends (who often show up in his photos, coincidentally). Zak is hoping him and his friends can take a few road trips once summer hits, too!

A typical day for Zak involves coordinating photo shoots of our plants and our team, editing digital content that we use for social media, our website, ads, and everything in-between, and assisting with all the exciting Marketing projects that come his way. Zak is one of the #GrowToPeople!

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